Designed with the safety of lineworkers in mind

Safeguard against the dangerous and potentially expensive consequences of misidentifying switches with Electromark’s new Primary Cable Marker.

The Primary Cable Marker attaches to the line adjacent to primary switches, helping lineworkers quickly orient themselves and confidently identify the correct switches.

Why it matters

When a lineworker diverts electricity from one line to another, they use multiple switches. Switches are placed in specific locations to help lineworkers identify switches and orient themselves in relation to them.

Before a project, spec engineers will provide lineworkers a diagram or map of switch locations. Lineworkers rely on these diagrams along with the positioning of lines to operate the right switches.

Depending on the worker’s positioning (on the ground, in a bucket, etc.) and the provided diagram’s quality, identifying the right switch can be a complicated and confusing task.

The potential consequences of operating the wrong switch include power outages, equipment damage, injury, or death. We designed Primary Cable Markers to help remove any possible confusion and prevent those errors from happening.

Primary Cable Markers vs. other cable markers

Primary Cable Markers make switch identification possible from a safe distance.

The 2-sided hanging construction increases overall visibility, allowing line workers the flexibility of identifying primary lines/switches from either the ground or while in a bucket.

Unlike the snap-on or coiled cable marking offerings on the market today, these markers fasten over the line and securely locks in place with stainless steel bolt and nut hardware without special tools or adhesives.

Our markers are made from a durable, non-conductive polycarbonate material that exhibits excellent impact resistance – making it ideal for even the most extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Most competitive offerings have an expected life span of five to seven years – the Primary Cable Marker comes with a minimum expected outdoor life of twelve years.

Standard and custom configurations available

Primary Cable Markers are ideal for cable sizes ranging from 0.65″ to 0.90″. Standard offerings accommodate 2.5″ reflective digits and have four decal slots per side.

Multiple color and sizing options are available upon request. To learn more, contact your local Electromark Representative.

The Electromark Difference

We design products with lineworkers in mind. The robust yet simple design makes the Primary Cable Marker easy to work with and safely employ in the field.

Reach out to our application engineer or customer service team if you have any product design questions or concerns.

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