Many different types of cables now share the same trench or raceway, subsequently giving many maintenance organizations access to your cables.

The chance of selecting the wrong cable during maintenance work increases when cables go unmarked.

Clear cable marking helps prevent these types of errors and can also increase your ability to maintain your communications network efficiently.

Main reasons to mark cables

There are four main reasons to mark your cables:

  • Preventing costly damage to equipment by unauthorized work or mistakes
  • Avoiding service interruptions to customers
  • Preventing liability due to damage that a loss of service could cause customers
  • Speeding up contact when situations occur

Simply put, without proper markings, a company can lose valuable time and assets. By preemptively addressing cable marking, time and money are saved.

What you should mark

The decision to mark your cables is the first step; deciding the information you want to call out on your cable markings is the next one.

Although the information you wish to include will depend on the application – here are some standard callouts:

  • Cable type and size information
  • Cable number
  • Connection to and from information
  • Critical equipment serviced by cable
  • Cable owner
  • Testing or inspection results

Products used to mark your cables

Electromark offers a wide variety of solutions for cable marking. Three of our most popular cable marking product families we’ll highlight below are: adhesive, Snap-On, and cable tags.

Adhesive Cable Markers

Clearly mark communication cables and help reduce confusion with adhesive cable markers. These 2-mil polyester markers with overlaminate are UV resistant and feature a 7-year outdoor life.

The high tack acrylic adhesive on these markers provides an aggressive seal to any clean, dry surface.

Another adhesive option is the self-laminating cable markers. Self-lam markers allow the user to write information directly on the marker and then seal the writing with a transparent flap.

The flap will not only protect your writing from smudging – it will also protect from UV-exposure, chemicals and elements. Markers are typically 5-mil polyester and also provide a 7-year minimum outdoor life. 

Write & Wrap cable markers are a pocket-sized book of labels that are an economical and handy way to identify cables. Clear “tails” wrap around to cover and protect your writing from tampering, smudging and dirt.

Markers are made from 2-mil polyester and books come in 30 strips. Standard legends include callouts for CATV, Fiber Optic, Network and Data cables.

Snap-On Cable Markers

Pre-coiled Snap-On markers allow you to mark pipes and cables without needing a clean, dry surface. Our Snap-On cable markers are heat-set to hold their shape and create a secure coil. We offer options with or without write-on sections.

Another Snap-On option is our Snap-On cable flags. Let your message stand out with these unique markers. An ideal choice when more information is needed or when conventional cable markers aren’t enough.

These flagged markers are great for adding visibility to temporary cables lying in the grass. Add functionality with 2-side printing, self-laminating flaps, write-on surfaces, reflective materials or other customizations.

Cable Tags

Stock legend markers give special warnings for fiber optic cables, ground wires and loose cables. Markers are flexible, conformable and easily attach to various cable diameters.

Stock markers are made of polyethylene and have a minimum outdoor life of 5 years above or below ground. Attach with cable ties.

Aluminum cable tags are ideal for fiber optic cables, ground wires and other harsh environment cables.

They provide an even longer outdoor lifespan (minimum ten years) versus polyethylene cable markers. Available either screen printed or embossed.

Self-laminating cable tags speed up service work by making more information available to workers.

Adding cable type, fiber count, span, direction and other critical information to your cable marker will ensure that workers have the information they need when they need it.

Add information with pencil, pen or permanent markers and then cover with the clear polyester self-laminating flap to protect writing. Attach these 10-mil polyester tags to cables with cable ties.  

The Electromark Difference

The products mentioned above are only a subset of the multiple products we offer for cable marking. Explore our catalog or website to learn more about these products. We also provide customization for cable markers as well.

Custom markers can be produced in a large selection of materials and colors and standard markers can be amplified with your company logo, name or contact information. No one marker will be right for everyone.

Reach out to your local Electromark sales manager to discuss a customization strategy and material construction that is right for you.

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