What is Vandlshield UV®?

Vandlshield UV (VSUV) is a premium, clear, fluoropolymer graphic protection film, that significantly extends the look and life expectancy of your signs, especially in outdoor environments.

Its long-term durability and performance outperforms weather extremes and harsh chemicals. VSUV can be applied to a range of signage solutions, depending on the needs of your application.  

Why Choose Vandlshield UV?

  • Resistant to weathering and UV rays.
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals and graffiti removing solvents
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally conscious

How does Vandlshield UV perform in outdoor conditions?

Vandlshield UV provides long term durability and performance even in extreme weather conditions.

In laboratory tests using industry-standard accelerated weathering and UV exposure equipment, Vandlshield UV demonstrated nearly two times the durability of labels laminated with Tedlar® (a popular, premium graphic protection laminate competitor).

Can Vandlshield UV save me money?

Many people replace their signage after a few years due to failure in the field. This could be from defacement, fading or general weathering.

This significantly factors into your sign asset investments both time-wise and financially. Avoid this situation by utilizing VSUV.

Along with exceptional performance against the elements, VSUV is resistant against stains, scuffs and graffiti. Even with the harshest cleaning products, graphics and text protected by VSUV will not be destroyed.

When comparing our top 2 materials, Vandlshield UV and Duracryl, Vandlshield UV costs approximately 30% more.

Duracryl carries an impressive 10-year warranty, but VSUV carries an 18-year warranty. That’s an 80% increase in durability for only 30% more of the cost. 

What products can I get with a Vandlshield UV laminate?

Vandlshield UV protective laminate option is available for the following:

  • Reflective and non-reflective label materials
  • Reflective or non-reflective aluminum sign materials
  • Solar Grade polycarbonate sign material

The Electromark Difference

Electromark is committed to finding you a solution that makes sense for your application. We’re excited to offer Vandlshield UV because it saves our customers time and money.

Stop costly replacements and invest in a solution that will add years of protection to your signage.

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