By definition, tag-out tags are temporary warning devices, but sometimes they are required to remain in the field for months or in some cases an entire year in uncontrolled outdoor environments. 

Even the toughest plastic tag materials are not up to the task of surviving for months outdoors. Purchasing metal or other thicker, more durable plastic material solutions is an option, but can be a costly one, especially for temporary tag applications.

Cost-Effective Durability

Electromark’s TagVault is designed to extend the durability of ordinary plastic tags utilized in long-term, outdoor environments. The TagVault is a low-cost, reusable tag accessory that is intended as a permanent addition to your tagging kit that can be used repeatedly for several years; potentially a dozen or more times. 

The TagVault won’t shred or tear-free, even in the toughest weather extremes

The TagVault is a clear, tough, folded plastic ‘wallet’ that protects printed and user-inscribed information on the tag without the added expense of a self-laminating flap/cover, as well as taking all of the impacts of mechanical tearing and weathering abuse. 

With an Electromark TagVault, you can extend the outdoor life of your safety tags for a year or more. The TagVault is made from super-tough 0.40″ polycarbonate, meaning it won’t shred or tear-free, even in the toughest weather extremes. The TagVault also eliminates the need for eyelets or grommets for your tags, increasing your cost-savings. 

Knowing tags perform such a critical safety function, don’t take a chance that they might tear off or become unreadable. Protecting your tags with TagVault means you’ll have absolute assurance that your safety tags remain in place, keeping workers safe and ultimately making applications safer as a whole. 

Designed with outdoor applications in mind, TagVaults are ideal for electrical utilities that utilize Electromark tags in uncontrolled outdoor environments. TagVaults are perfect for tags utilized in longer span, temporary use ranging from months to a year. 

Proven Results

Tag Vault’s effectiveness has been proven through outdoor tests conducted by Electromark’s application engineer. The photos below are of two, 0.010″ thick Toyobo polyester tags: one with TagVault and one without. 

The left tag was protected by TagVault. Both tags were written on with pencil.

The tags were hung with cable ties on a padmount electrical equipment cabinet for 15 months near the shore of Lake Ontario in NY State. The weather conditions they were exposed to spanned all seasons including sub-zero winter temperatures and snow, high whipping winds, heavy spring and fall rain, high summer heat, humidity and more. 

The left tag was protected by TagVault. Both tags were written on with marker.

After the tags were removed from the field, the TagVault protected tag’s material and factory print/user-inscribed information (both in marker and pencil) survived unscathed. 

The condition of the factory print, user-inscribed information and tag material itself of the unprotected tag was rendered ineffective towards its safety function. 

The Electromark Difference

Electromark TagVaults fit standard Electromark tag sizes and hole configurations but can be easily configured for custom sizes and hole configurations. They are a valuable (and reusable!) safety addition that can become a standard part of your tagging program, at a minimal cost per use. 

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