Rooftop installations of photovoltaic co-generation systems owned by residential, commercial, and third-party customers are a trend that continues to grow significantly each year.

This equipment is typically part of a two-way system that not only generates power used directly by the customer to offset the power usage supplied by utilities from the grid, but also feeds excess power it produces back into the grid.149831

Serious hazards exist having the potential for backfeed, or continuing to energize the system when it is believed to be disconnected from external, utility-owned power sources.

This creates safety concerns and the necessity to inform electricians, maintenance workers, and emergency workers such as firefighters of the presence of an alternate energy source connected to the system.


Article 690 of the 2017 National Electric Code addresses these safety issues by requiring identification of dual power sources at key points, and marking of components of these systems such as junction boxes, conduit raceways, disconnects, rapid shutdown switches, and inverters.

The code does not specify the durability of materials used to label beyond stating they shall be sufficiently durable to withstand the conditions of the application.


The code is very specific however, towards label design details such as size, letter character height, word message content, colors schemes, reflectivity (for those labels where it’s specified) and other graphical content of the label/markers that are required.

Due to the research and effort, this makes designing your own labels difficult. And local print suppliers not specializing in safety labeling and identification probably don’t have the expertise to know what’s required.

The Electromark Advantage

Let Electromark do the research and hard work for you! Electromark has experts who read the NEC code and understand the design elements of the required labels.

Electromark’s decades of experience manufacturing durable outdoor safety and identification labeling and signage give us the ability to choose materials that will exhibit the durability necessary of photovoltaic system marking requirements.

149830Electromark is excited to introduce our line of pre-printed, NEC compliant labels, for all the critically required areas and components within the photovoltaic system.

All of our labels are constructed of materials that are designed to withstand harsh sunlight and heat conditions required in photovoltaic marking applications.

All you have to do is choose which specific labels you require from our application-specific offering, and leave the design and material compliance worry to us!

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